Killarney and you


For dear old Killarney tonight I am sighting
In fancy I wander far over the sea
To the green hills and dells and the Lakes of Killarney
Back to the old home where I long to be
Back to the land where the skies are the bluest
Back to the fields that I once used to know
To my own Irish colleen whose heart is the truest
Who promised me she would wait long ago

Killarney, Killarney, the place that I love
With the lakes clear and pure as the great sky above
Where we told our love story and vowed to be true
I am sighting tonight for Killarney and you

In far-off Killarney the bright sun is shining
And over the green fields, the wild flowers grow fair
For the colleen I left there, my poor heart is breaking
Day-time and night-time I long to be there
I long to return where the shamrocks are growing
To trip through the clover all heavy with dew
And to sniff the sweet fragrance the soft winds are blowing
Just to whisper again love’s old story to you



Song Clip