Lawns of Curraghmore


Oh Granny, here’s a present and it comes a distance too
All the way from Ireland and it says this to you
It’s a spray of shamrock, the note will tell you more
That it grew in your native birthplace on the lawns of Curraghmore

A cushla, let me feel them, little darling is it true ?
A cushla, let me feel them if you say ‘twas there they grew
It brings me back sweet memories of my childhood days once more
Of the times we played and rambled on the lawns of Curraghmore

I see as once I saw them when a little girl I stood.
The Tower, all clad with ivy; the Chapel hill and wood
The Cotton Mills at Mayfield and the road that’s winding o’er
And the boys and the girls all courting on the lawns of Curraghmore

I have travelled since my childhood, I have travelled near and far
And of all the scenes I’ve seen, sure they’re the best by far
But now that I am blind dear, I know I’ll see no more
The winding River Clodagh as it flows through Curraghmore


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