Little town in the old County Down


Sure if I had the wings of a swallow
I would travel far over the sea
And a rocky old road I would follow
To a place that is heaven to me
When the sun goes to rest way down in the west
There I’ll build such a nest in the place I love best

In that dear little town in the old County Down
It will linger way down in my heart
Tho’ it never was grand, it is my fairy land
Just a wonderful world set apart
O my island of dreams, you are with me it seems
And I care not for fame or renown
Like the black sheep of old, I’ll return to the fold
Little town in the old County Down

In the evening when shadows are falling
Round the old door without any key
There’s a voice in my dreams ever calling
There are eyes ever watching for me
There is someone I bless with true tenderness
And it’s she I’ll caress when I bring happiness

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