Lovely Armagh


O Lovely Armagh, that place of renown
With folklore and history, cathedral town
How oft I have wandered ’til the set of the sun
‘Round it’s moorings and rivers from Armagh to Dundrum

There’s Greenpark and Millford and Ballyards too
Old Cassa and Craigmore, Keady’s in view
The folk are so charming, the best I declare
What wouldn’t I give once more to be there

For sweet summer days with flowers in bloom
The night all illumine with a silvery moon
To dance in the road in the sweet Irish air
Makes me feel once more I wish I was there

In fancy I stroll by the Callan once more
To see the neat homesteads with folk ’round the door
In springtime I’ll be there, from over the sea
Again with my old friends, how happy we’ll be

For when you’re a rover with no friends like me
Away far from home, way over the sea
If my wish be granted, then I will come home
And never again will I ever more roam

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