Lovely Old Fintown


My countrymen, I take my pen to write a verse or two
And as I leave to cross the seas, I bid my last adieu
Our splendid boat is now afloat, on the Foyle sailing down
And as I leave, my heard did grieve for Lovely Old Fintown

Could I but see old Glen Swilly, or Mennadenny Plain
Kingara’s green where oft I’ve been to join the refrain
O’er mountainsides, I’d roam with pride, near Glenties of renown
And I’ve been there at many a fair in Lovely Old Fintown

Many nights I’ve spent in sweet content with lads and lassies gay
Where songs were sung by old and young before I went away
Amerikay lies far away in Philadelphia town
But I’ll not forget the friends I met Lovely Old Fintown

So fair thee well ye hills and dales and to my comrades all
And twice farewell to my own dear boy I left in Donegal
On St. Patrick’s day though far away, the shamrock I will drown
And I’ll think of thee, my gra mo chroi, in Lovely Old Fintown


Baile na Finne (Fintown) is a small village and townland on the banks of Lough Finn in County Donegal. It is within the Gaeltacht area in the west of the county and is overlooked by Aghla and Screig Mountains. The village was named after a mythological woman, Finngeal, who drowned in the lake after attempting to save her wounded brother Thor.

The main attraction is the Fintown Railway which runs along the length of Lough Finn. This is a restored section of the County Donegal narrow gauge railway network which once ran for over 200 miles and stretched to even the most remote parts of Donegal. It was set up in the 1880′s-1890′s by Light Railway Orders. During the summer season from June to September, the train runs hourly from 11 am to 4 pm (5 pm Sundays and Bank holidays).

Fintown railway

Old railway at Fintown

Written by Kathleen Hayes

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