Mary of Fermoy


Just eighteen years of age I am, my father’s only joy
He owns a little farm and cot in a place they call Fermoy
He gave me all the care he could since my poor mother died
And I became my father’s pet and they say the village pride

He often took me on his knee when I was but a child
And kissed me o’er and o’er again and blessed me as he smiled
Of lovers I have got a score and some in dear Fermoy
And one across the ocean wide, his name is Pat Malloy

His mother keeps a huckster shop well known for miles around
And search the country through and through, her equal can’t be found
But alas! the times came very hard, the landlord raised the rent
And Pat to live in idleness could no longer be content

He came and asked a question, and I answered “Yes, I will”
He kissed me many times as if he’d never get his fill
Oh God will surely bless him and protect my darling joy
Till be comes back to Ireland, and his Mary of Fermoy

He left Fermoy for England, and from there across the sea
For good Columbia’s happy shores, blessed land of liberty
Where Erin’s sons are not the slaves of landlord or of queen
And where they can without offence wear their country’s badge of green

My Pat has written home to me to other loves decline
For he has promised me his heart and I know that he has mine
And now he’s coming home again to visit dear Fermoy
Then Father Boyce will change my name to Mistress Pat Malloy


Song Clip