There’s many a spot in Innisfail
Much more beautiful it’s true
There’s many a hill and manys the dale
That’s much more pleasing to the view
But there’s ne’er a place on earth’s broad face
That’s so dear to me I know
As the scenes around old Nephin
In the county of Mayo

All around thy base dear Nephin
As a child I used to play
The cottage nestled at thy foot
Where first I saw the light of day
Among thy ling and among thy heather
And thy flora all aglow
I spotted fawn so gay at play
May God bless thee, dear Mayo

Thy colleens all are straight and strong
And are true as tempered steel
From Castlebar down to the Moy,
From Foxford right down to the Deel
With them I’d play the whole day long
Until Phoebus bowed down low
Behind the hill, the hill of Nephin
In the county of Mayo

The dear old school where I was taught
They tell me that it stands there still
But where are all my schoolmates now
Where are Mick young Tom and Bill ?
Some wander in far distant lands
And some are dead and gone I know
And I myself am far removed
From dearest Nephin in Mayo

Age may now my form enfeeble
But can ne’er erase the past
The thoughts of boyhood’s happy hours
Will keep me cheered unto the last
But still my thoughts will wander back
Way way back to long ago
As I sigh for dear old Nephin
And the county of Mayo


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