McDermott's Farewell


‘Twas on the quay of Limerick City, there I heard a young man say
‘Farewell dear unhappy country, now I’m bound for Amerikay
Doomed in a foreign land to wander, stranger faces for to see
Farewell once dear and happy country, Ireland now farewell to thee’

When on Columbia’s shore I wander, far from my friends and country dear
With heartfelt grief and woe I’ll ponder on the cause that brought me here
For want of wages and employment, home and country I must flee
And seek in foreign lands employment; Ireland now, farewell to thee

Who can tell the pangs of anguish that I felt to leave this spot
When I knew that I should languish far from my parents humble cot
No more to meet those happy faces, full of honest mirth and glee
Which I met at fairs and races; Ireland now farewell to thee

No more I’ll meet my blue-eyed Mary, blushing like a blooming rose
When in the evening, toiled and weary, on her bosom I’d repose
How can I be torn from her ? What will now become of me
When I no more can gaze upon her; Ireland now farewell to thee

My parents dear are broken-hearted, yet they wished me for to go
To the land where work and wages on the people freely flow
But O my country, dearest Erin, naught but dread of poverty
Could ever force me for to leave you; Ireland now farewell to thee.

But O should fortune smile upon me, with what joy I would return
Unto my parents and my darling that I left behind to mourn
Thoughts like these alone support me; they’re my only company.
For in my heart they are engraven; Ireland now farewell to thee.


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