Me mother from the County of Mayo


Trying to sleep one night in Yonkers
Me ould brain was going bonkers
Reminiscing of the days of long ago
I got a sudden inspiration
That the planet’s best creation
Was me mother from the County of Mayo

It was her who taught me how to think
To buy the fags and watch the drink
And to sing the notes of sol fa me ray doe
Sure there was no television then
But she was full of wisdom
That’s me mother from the County of Mayo

She’d be up at six each morning
She’d be stretching, she’d be yawning
But I never saw her face without a smile, oh no
With the poking at the fire
On the bog or in the byre
She’d be always neat and tidy dressed in style oh

’twas the curse of emigration
Unemployment and stagnation
Forced me for to leave my people and my home
With me father there beside her
She slipped me a faded fiver
Saying ‘There’s a bob or two to keep you going’

She said son I’ll tell you one thing
And I’ll tell you now for nothing
There’s one thing in this world and that’s for sure I know
If you let the man above you
Teach you how to live and love him
You’ll be always happy whether rich or poor oh

Me ould mother from the County of Mayo


Written by Dermot Henry

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