My Carlow home


No sight more fair than the hills of Killeshin
To the eyes of a Carlow man
Who’s been away for many a day
In far off distant lands
O, to be beside the Barrow
To walk along the track
Regatta’s in the summer-time
Sunshine on your back

Whenever I dream, I fly
Over the towns, I roam
Over the fields, I fly
On my way to my Carlow home

No love more pleasing on a summers evening
With a girl from the Dolmen town
An endless day to mind always
As time keeps rolling on
O, I’ll ne’er forget that summer
That walk along the track
When hearts were young and love was found
Fond memories take me back

I love the place where I come from
That place I call my own
For some its Rome or London town
For me it’s Carlow home
O to be beside the Barrow
To walk along the track
Regatta’s in the summertime
Sunshine on your back


Lyrics and Music by Pat Cuddy

Carlow is known as The Dolmen Town because of the great Brownshill Dolmen to the east of the town.
The pre-historical monument has a granite capstone weighing over 100 tonnes, making it the largest of its kind in Europe. The massive capstone rests on two portal stones which flank a door stone and slopes downwards to the west where it rests on a low boulder.

The Brownshill dolmen

The Brownshill dolmen




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