My heart is close to you


As I stroll the lonely streets of Detroit I wonder
Will I again see Carlow
Will I see my bride
My love and pride
In the county, these same stars, it lies below

Now the Barrow tide is in my eye
From afar I smell the sweet pulp and dew
And though no Angelus ever chimes
And distant are my cries
My heart is close to you

On a summer`s day, as kids, we`d ride bikes to the dolmen
Or to the falls at Millford
To the St Mullin`s mills
Or Mt Leinster`s fair hills
Now for work I have been sent to the new world

“Sing up young girl” say old men, “Stand by the fire”
`Kevin Barry` is your song
Take us to Leighlin Bridge
Where Leinster`s kings sit
To the county for which my heart longs


Written by Barry Nolan

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