My lovely Armagh


I can hear a gentle whisper sailing on the breeze
It calls me to my childhood home among the apple trees
Her rolling hills and valleys are beckoning to me
But my lovely Armagh is far away across the irish sea

When I left school at sixteen, no work there could be found
I stowed aboard a cargo ship and sailed for Boston town
I left my friends and family, ’twas a bitter day for me
I left that piece of heaven far across the Irish sea

I spent my life in Boston in the filth, the grime and smoke
For a pint of stout on a Friday night and a shilling for the folks
I often longed for Jenny, the girl I left at home
When the letters ceased twelve months on, I knew I was alone

And sometimes when I’m dreaming, my mind begins to roam
I take a flight of fancy across the rolling foam
I swoop down by Slieve Gullion, and pass through Lurgan Braes
I wake again in Boston Town at the breaking of the day

And when my life is over and I pass on from this place
God will take me to his side and fill me with his grace
My anguish will be over and at peace again I’ll be
My soul will rest in my orchard home across the Irish sea
My soul will rest in my orchard home across the Irish sea

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I think this song was written by┬áDamien O’Sullivan.



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