My native Monaghan


Last night I was dreaming of Ireland
My homeland far over the sea
And my own native county of Monaghan
That in fancy keeps calling to me

I could see that fair town of Macarten
That’s hallowed by memories of old
’twas here that St. Patrick’s disciple
Once founded the Church for his fold

Thru’ Scotstown and Clones I wandered
To Annalore, that village serene
The birthplace of rebel James Connolly *
A hero of nineteen sixteen

Next in my view came Clontibret
Made famous by O’Neill of Tyrone,
When he routed the English in battle
As history’s pages have shown

Then thru’ Ballybay and Lough Eglish
And onwards to ‘blayney so fair
That stands on the shores of Lough Muckno
With it’s castle and scenery so rare


Lyrics by Maurics Morgan.

*Monaghan was not the birthplace of James Connolly.  It was the ancestral home of his parents.


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