My native town Drumlish


It was on a dreary October’s day as the rain fell to the ground
I was leaving dear old Ireland, to the US I was bound
My friends and neighbours gathered round, good luck on me they wished
And I bid farewell to Longford and my native town Drumlish

My father, as we parted said ‘my son be always true
Be honest and be truthful whatever you may do’
My mother’s eyes were filled with tears as from me she stole a kiss
She said ‘Remember Longford and your native town Drumlish’

In dreams I see your valleys green, Lough Allen’s lovely shore
And the ancient hills of sweet Dromard where the purple heather grows
I dreamt I saw old Cornhill, Granard and Killoe
Way down in sleepy vales and moors where the Shannon waters flow

Someday I will return again to dear old Erin’s shore
I’ll bid adieu to America when my rambling days are o’er
My friends will greet me with a smile, my mother with a kiss
And I’ll end my days in Longford in my native town Drumlish




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