Noreen Bawn


There’s a spot in old Tyrconnell
There’s a wee house in that glen
Where dwelt an Irish colleen
Who charmed the hearts of men
She was winsome, hale and hearty
Fair and graceful as the fawn
Neighbours loved the widow’s daughter
Happy, laughing Noreen Bawn

Then one day there came a letter
With her passage paid to go
To the land where the Missouri
And the Mississippi flow
So she said goodbye to Erin
And next morning at the dawn
A broken hearted mother
Bid farewell to Noreen Bawn

Many years that mother waited
Till one evening at her door
Stood a gorgeous looking lady
Awful grand the clothes she wore
Whispering, “Mother don’t you know me?
Sure I’ve only got a cold”
But those purple spots upon her cheeks
The tragic story told

There’s a grave-yard in Tyrconnell
Where the blossoms sadly wave
There’s a sorrow stricken mother
Weeping o’er that lonely grave
Saying Noreen, oh my Noreen
It’s so lonesome since you’ve gone
‘Twas the curse of emigration
Laid you low, my Noreen Bawn

Donegal 1

Songs of Donegal


Clip – Dick Delaney