I left you many years ago and crossedi the Irish Sea
But never once have I forgot that little place called Offaly

Your little streams, and winding lanes, the mystic peace of Charleville
The river Sallies where I swam when youth was mine and time stood still

Would that I were eloquent like Davis, Moore or Poe
I would describe my Offaly in the grandest words I know

The golden days of youth have flown and like the leaves, once green
They fall away from mother tree when God crowns autumn’s queen

Autumn fades and winter comes just like the passing years
And like each flower that’s crowned with dew, the sun will dry their tears

The flowers too, will fade and die, reaching out to earth’s embrace
Once again to be reborn when spring-time shows her face

Perhaps one day I’ll see again the hills and winding streams
Though youth has gone and twilight’s here, I still have all my dreams


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