Offaly Rover


A rover I have been and a rover I will stay
But to that faithful county I will return some day
Uibh Fhaili how I love you with your heather scented air
Silently the peaceful Brosna calls her sons from far and near

Oh Kinnitty, I long to see when the woodbine’s in full bloom
Or stroll the fields around Ferbane hear the wild birds in full tune
At Clonmacnoise I see you, onto Banagher we’ll stray
Where the fishermen will drink and tell of the ones that got away

Though dead are still in exile are some friends I used to know
Still I must pass Killoughy where great sportsmen are laid low
By Croghan Hill, I see you where in childhood I did play
So adieu to you beloved Slieve Bloom, I must be on my way

Pile the brown turf on the fire, bring the keg in from the barn
Let the blacksmith sing his rebel song and the poacher tell his yarn
Come close my friends and neighbours fill your glasses to the brim
As we toast our Offaly heroes from the heather, hill and glen


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