Old hometown Kenmare


Last night I was so happy, my heart was filled with joy
I thought I saw you standing there beside the old lay-bye
I threw my arms around you with tender loving care
But alas I was only dreaming of my old hometown Kenmare

I walked down by the river as I’d oft times done before
I thought to scent some blossoms as I did in days of yore
I ran along the old boreen without a thought or care
My mind was full and happy round my old hometown Kenmare

The old school house was standing there, alone and empty now
The teacher’s voice came back to me across the years somehow
I seemed to see my school-mates there, so happy, young and fair
It was just another memory of my old hometown Kenmare

And then on to Blackwater’s Bridge on a Sunday’s afternoon
Where the Kerry set was swinging to a lively Irish tune
And the boys and girls were dancing, so happy to be there
But alas, I had to leave you, my old hometown Kenmare

I travelled many countries and lands both far and near
I’ve met with hearty people and friends that I love dear
But my thoughts will always wander back to the folks I know were there
Who sleep in peace beside you, my old hometown Kenmare

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