Pretty little Galway girl


I was strolling by the Claddah early on one Summer’s morn
Enjoying nature’s beauty and its charm
When I came across a pretty Irish colleen by the way
A fish girl with a basket on her arm
She looked to me bewitching, she had such a lovely smile
A modest little twinkle in her eye
As she curtsied low and made a bow, politely said to me
‘Some herrings sir, or mackerel, will you buy ?’

She was Irish to the backbone
With a real old Irish brogue
But tho’ she had two roguish eyes
Sure Bridget was no rogue.
She was dainty as a fairy
With her nut brown hair in curl
And the darling who soon won my heart
Was my pretty little Galway girl

She looked to me bewitching as she tripped along her way
So modest in her petticoat and shawl
That I soon became enraptured with this little Irish maid
Tho’ lovely faith, she had no pride at all
Her modest ways soon won me, and my head was in a whirl
Her image in my heart shall ne’er decay
And no matter where I wander, sure l think of Biddy dear
And her baskets full of fish from Galway Bay


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Song Themes

Irish women


Thomas P Keenan