Red, yellow and green


A cock crows, a daffodil grows
Another dew glazed morn
A church bell rings, a blackbird sings
A Carlow emigrant is born

With footsteps of a child, I leave my home behind
Nastled in Mount Leinster standing tall
It’s a sign of the times, my friends I have no choice
But to answer this hope giving call

Follow me to to wear the red yellow and green
Far over the sea
Follow me and by god make sure your seen
Where your heart’s lying somewhere in between
The red, yellow and green

Bright lights and crowds surround me now
From Garry Hill, a far far cry
But one flash in time, the river burren is mine
Where I went fishing as a child

As it flows peacefully through priceless scenery
No foreign sights compare
It’s a sign of the times, a memory in my mind
Here I am living on a prayer


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