Star of Slane


Ye brilliant muses who ne’er refuses
But still infuses the poet’s mind
Your kind sweet favours to his endeavours
That his ardent labours appear sublime
Preserve my study from growing muddy
My notion’s ready now inspire my brain
My quill refine as I pen each line
On a nymph divine called the Star of Slane

In beauteous Spring when the warblers sing
And their carols ring through each fragant grove
Bright Sol did shine, which made me incline
By the river Boyne for to go to rove
I was ruminating and meditating
And contemplating as I paced the plain
When a charming fair one beyond comparing
Did my heart esnare near the town of Slane

To praise her beauty, then is my duty
But alas, I’m footy in this noble part
And to my sorrow, sly Cupid’s arrow
Full deep did burrow in my tender heart
In pain and trouble, yet I will struggle
Though sadly hobbled by my stupid brain
Yet backed by nature, I can tell each feature
Of this lovely creature called the Star of Slane


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Irish women