Stone Mason's Farewell


Oh, Mountains of Mourne, one glimpse of your beauty
While my sorrowful heart is distressed and downcast
For I’m leaving my land, my dear native homeland
Bound far away on a ship from Belfast

Goodbye to the place that I love oh so dearly
Goodbye to each valley, fair mountain and glen
They’ll remember my parting in old Ballymartin
And up in the Longstone, the home of brave men

No more with my sweetheart shall I rove that wee lane
Where the blackbird that thrilled me is coaxing in vain
Bless his heart, he knows nothing of strife
Nor of the sad fate in a poor mason’s life

Oh, Mourne, sweet Mourne, it saddens my heart
To see in the distance, the green shores depart
No more rings the music of hammer on stone
Where the yards lie deserted, the craftsmen all gone

So forget the Deer’s Meadow and old Donard above
Where the masons oft wandered with sweethearts in love
My homeland lies empty, no churchyard more still
Where the winds of disaster blow barren and chill

No song in the valley all deserted and bare
Where often I wandered with Nora so fair
The shore is forsaken and the sea calls in vain
Come home, my brave stoneman, come home once again


Written by Michael Fitzpatrick

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