Sweet Patricia


I dreamt I had the wings to fly, and wandered through the air
When sudden thoughts of love conspired, I flew to County Clare
And round the sky did circle high, and shout aloud from view
Patricia, my Patricia, Patricia where are you ?

Patricia agus grĂ¡ mo chroidhe is my lost lady’s name
But absent-mindedness prevents me knowing whence she came
She well may live in splendor in some well-designed abode
Or dwell in humble circumstance in a cabin by the road

O where are you, my darling, tell me where do you reside
Up the air mountain slopes or by the ocean-side
Across the wild and rugged Burren, mid nature’s bloomin throng
O Patricia, sweet Patricia, tell me where do you belong ?

Does the sun shine through your window and on your lovely face ?
Which nature’s care and favour has fashioned with such grace ?
And does the music of the birds sound cheerly round your door ?
And remind you of the music plyed so sweetly by the shore

O if I could find you, darling, I would buy for you a gown
I’d dance you through the meadow and I’d gently sit you down
With a warm embrace, set nature at peace, when in my arms you entwine
And with kisses sweet, we would retreat to where true love reigns sublime

My mind is discontented and constantly anew
And plans with Mary Margaret McGrath are now subject to review
This heart of mine will now wilt and pine till my search for you is o’er
O Patricia, sweet Patricia, come out waving to your door

Alas, I’m only day-dreaming with no trace of reality
But if the good Lord willed it so, then I’d gladly let it be
For in all my flights of fancy, fonder dreams I cannot embrace
Than to steal you from the County of Clare and never leave a trace


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Irish women