Tipperary on my mind


Well hello friend, you’re welcome here tonight
I was just thinking about home
And I could use some company alright
Sometimes it’s hard to be alone

You may say I live a memory
That I might seek and never find
Well maybe that’s how it’s meant to be
But I have something on my mind

I’m living here in New York City now
And I get lonesome now and then
I’m dreaming one day life will carry me
To Tipperary once again
The dream gets stronger with each pasing day
For love of what I left behind
These city lights can’t dim the memory
Of Tipperary on my mind

Manhatten’s tall but not like Galteemore
Big city strangers pass you by
There’s no place else like home sweet home
And out of sight’s not out of mind


Written by Nicholas McCarthy and published by Asdee Music

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