Town she used to call home


My name is McDaid, I’m a brickie by trade
I’ve worked the best sites round this town
Two years on the dole
They say there’s no work here anymore
So I’m leaving Dublin Town

Blow the wind, blow, cast away and we’ll go
Who cares if we never come home
What else can we loose but a skin full of booze
And a tear for Molly Malone
And the town she used to call home

My good friend John Dunne lives alone in Ballymun
His wife did a runner with a man in a fancy car
The shabby clothes he wears
Are all John Dunne has now to call his own
So he’s leaving Dublin Town

You’d think they’d be secure in Templeogue and Terenure
They too have their troubles or so I’m told
A man, his business gone
The bloody bank has moved in on his home
So he’s leaving Dublin Town

Dublin 1

Songs of Dublin


I wrote this song back in the late 1980′s when unemployment and mortgage interest rates were at an all time high; building sites were closed down and workers were leaving by the ship-load (before Ryanair and cheap flights). Bankers were repossessing houses without compassion or compunction as a rehearsal or trial run for their recent all-out slaughter of Irish society and Ireland’s economy.

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