You can travel far, far round this wondrous world
And mysteries and wonders you will see
But I’d trade this entire world for the place that I love
The place that is dearest to me
All the riches on earth can never compare
To a friendly face or a smile
In your town or your towns-land with your folks in your homeland
There is nowhere that is nearer or dearer to me

Tyrone that is my home
You’ll always be with me where ever I roam
And its Tyrone – Tyrone
Sure I give you my heart and my home
It’s the county of Tyrone.

I live in a strange land I can never call home
And Australia has been great to me
Though my children were born here, I’ll take them back home now
My own dear county to see
I’ll take you back home to the place of my birth
To the schoolhouse where I went to school
And the little old school house where I went to school
They were my happiest days on this earth

I’ll take you to Cookstown to Ardboe by Lough Neagh
Where the fishermen sports and they toil
We’ll cross the mountains at old Pomeroy
To Strabane on the banks of the Foyle
We’ll wander the streets of brave Omagh town
Cross the hills by old Carrickmore
To storied Dungannon of legend and song
And there I will build you a home


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