I’ve wandered over land and sea
I’ve travelled far and near
I’ve seen the sights and neon lights
Of cities that I hold dear
And know the hour has come at last
And it’s time for me to go
And to see again my homeland
That I left so long ago.

Oh, the Comeragh mountains looked so grand
On that quiet afternoon
The birds were singing in the trees
The flowers, they were in bloom
I heard the whisper of the wind
Through the golden fields of corn
The sun shone down on Waterford
The place where I was born

I saw Christchurch cathedral
And the city, it looked so grand
And Kilmacthomas and Portlaw
Bonmahon and Tramore strand
We sang the old Dungarvan oak
We made the rafters ring
Then I headed down to sweet Lismore
And to lovely Capppoquin

It’s grand to be back home again
With the friends that I once knew
To see the DEISE boys and girls
In colours white and blue
And proud I am as any man
Who loves his native shore
I’ll settle in my Aglish home
And I never more will roam




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