Wee County of Louth


Come with me here to my homeland
South of the border it lies
My thoughts are still just a wondering
As time bids us all here goodbye
My dreams will always be with you
No matter where I will be
If only I could remember
What wee County Louth means to me

Come with me over the town lands
Blackrock, Ardee it’s so proud
Dundalk with all of it’s beauty
Here in the Wee County of Louth

Oh Mountains of Cooley, you’re blooming
Right down on Carlingford Bay
I long to bring back my memories
And call it forever a day
Roads to Knockbridge by the Gorries
Where birds sing sweetly all day
Fishermen silently moving
Right down on the bridge by the Fane

If I could turn back my young days
And bring back my own memories
I would exchange all my dreamings
For one little spot dear to me
Yes it’s the place I was born in
From which I’m happy and proud
The smallest county in Ireland
Yes it’s our Wee County of Louth

Her towns with all of their beauty
Here in the Wee County of Louth


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