Where the three counties meet


Oh how lovely to be on the shores of Lough Ree
On a beautiful mid summer’s morning
Looking over the lake as the bright waters break
By the hills of the County Roscommon
I left my home in the town of Athlone
On the way to the Three Jolly Pigeons
It was near Glasson town, on the road I sat down
And looked over the beautiful Shannon

Lough Ree, oh Lough Ree, where the three counties meet
Longford, Westmeath and Roscommon
As I stroll round her banks by the heather and peat
They’re the memories I’ve never forgotten

Oh, sad was the day that I went away
To work among timber and concrete
For now as a man, I must follow life’s plan
I forsook the dear place of my homeland
If God grants me grace, I’ll return to the place
When the sunset of life has come o’er me
Once again on these shores, like a bird my heart soars
As I gaze on the beauty around me




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